ROOSTER Negative 3in1 bag

ROOSTER Negative 3in1 bag




  • Size: height 40cm, width 38cm, bottom 10cm. 
  • Basic material 100% furniture industry leftovers - a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres (an advantage over natural fabric - better looking and more durable, bright tones last longer and the sun does not bleach so quickly). The material is generally moisture and dirt repellent.
  • Closing with zipper
  • Lining: clothing surpluses (waterproof nylon, 100% polyester)
  • Two inner pockets, 1 zipped pocket, mobile phone pocket
  • Accessories colour: nickel
  • Handles and adjustable strap - polypropylene strap
  • The pattern of the glowing fabric is reflective in the dark


* The colour in the picture may differ


Katré bags are designed and handmade at Katre Arula Meistrikoda in Põltsamaa, Estonia.

  • Maintenance:

    Occasionally clean the bag with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.

    For dry cleaning, we recommend using commercially available upholstery care products, following the instructions for use on the packaging.

    If wet washing is required, it is recommended to use the cleaning services.

    The bag can also be washed in a washing machine at 30 ° C by selecting a light wash program. NB! Turn the lining side of the bag outwards, if possible close the bag lock.

    The use of the following substances is strictly prohibited: acetone, methanol, chloride, etc.

    If desired, the bags can be treated with a waterproof spray for textiles. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package.


Katre Meistrikoda OÜ

Lossi 1a, Põltsamaa, Estonia