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Updated: Apr 10

Did you know that Põltsamaa parish school teacher Emilie Beermann sewed

In 1884, the first blue-black-and-white flag of Estonia was awarded to Estonian Students

As the flag of the Society in Otepää Church on June 4, 1884. Tricolour was approved as the national flag on 21 November 1918.

On February 24, 1918, Estonia was proclaimed with blue and white flags


This story of receiving the flag is very specially celebrated in Põltsamaa every year.

For example, on the 135th birthday of the Estonian flag, Põltsamaa municipality convened all those interested,

to together form the world's largest blue-and-white human flag. But the flag 130.

Katre Arula and Kersti Pook made three fabric silos on her birthday

a copy of the first blue-and-white flag in the correct size (175x375 cm), instead of silk

a special modern flag fabric was used, which was edged on both sides

silver-ringed, mediated by Aktuaalne kaamera.

As part of the same venture, in 2014, the idea had to start making a small one

patterned cotton cloth homemade cloth flags. That's how they are made

small flags in Katre Meistrikoja in Põltsamaa Castle Courtyard.

Get the Estonian flag made in Katre Meistrikoja HERE

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