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The collection is created for the Estonian Fashion Festival show 2020

The collection is inspired by Estonian glove patterns, more precisely by a thumb part of the glove. Simple pattern motives have been enlarged and amplified to value and draw attention to the heritage of ancestors. The colour of the collection is inspired by a bird called black stork. The bird is sacred from ancient times and endangered today.

The black stork is under the protection of Estonian rare species. The bird is one of the main species, who gives a place for other species to live, said Agu Leivits the chief of biodiversity specialist of the Species Protection of the Environmental. He added that protecting black stork nesting spots will help preserve also other endangered species.

When it comes to glove patterns and black storks, they are facing the same destiny. The younger generation is consuming more fast fashion while forgetting the old traditions and time-consuming techniques. Using old patterns in a new way is a chance to draw attention to other old things and traditions.

The collection is combined with old patterns, modern cuts, experimental author techniques, patchwork and creativity. A large part of materials is recycled fabrics, but also new ones made of natural fibres fabrics. 

The finale of the collection is a transparent tulle dress that symbolizes "transparency of the fashion" - we think and ask more and more often and louder with the voice of how our food, clothing and other consumer goods are produced. The red bathing suit is seen through the dress. It is a colour that bears protective meaning in folk art. The red details in the collection are symbolizing the protection of minorities, endangered species, and traditions that tend to be forgotten. 

The purpose of the collection is to inspire and educate viewers to engage in a sustainable lifestyle and to notice everyone as an individual and working together.